1. Page 8 from my comic.


  2. Anonymous asked:
    hello! i was just wondering what you used to make the black part of the sky in 'late into the night'. is it just ink? because i am having trouble achieving its "solidity" if you get what i mean... thank you very much!

    Yup, it’s just black ink! Though I did adjust the levels and touched it up a bit in Photoshop afterwards to get it completely black.


  3. I have an Instagram now!

    I don’t lead a very interesting life, but I hope to show process work and things I usually wouldn’t post here on Tumblr :)


  4. During a mass cleaning/organization of my apartment, I found a pouch full of paper that I don’t remember cutting. It was probably left over from some project years and years ago.

    Maybe I’ll use it for something in the near future?


  5. I’ve always been interested in bookbinding, so today I decided to try it!

    I had to improvise with the supplies (no linen thread, no awl), and there’s a mistake or two… but it was great fun!


  6. My cat. 16 years old, and a furry blob.


  7. little bird uniform


  8. Here are the first 3 pages of “Like Drops in the Sea”!
    It’s a short-ish comic I’m currently working on!

    If it interests you, you can keep up to date by going here: likedrops.tumblr.com

    There will be a new page every Saturday, but it may become more frequent later on.


  9. Golden rhinoceros beetles, cicadas, and bees on my etsy


  10. "Hello" star constellation cards now on etsy


  11. Last one!



  13. Anonymous asked:
    What kind of material did you use for making the fly thing? Is that wood?

    It’s a rubber block by Speedball called Speedy-Carve! It’s a lot softer and easier to work with than wood or linoleum :D



  15. seedling