1. In the September issue of Today’s Parent magazine :)


  2. Some clips from my trip to visit relatives in Japan back in March/April.


  3. the window of a cat owner


  4. cat practice


  5. tiny cat toys


  6. the window of a plant lover


  7. hatchetfish & gulper eel


  8. Assembling a mini potted plant


  9. A video of me assembling one of them!


  10. making mini doughnuts




  13. Anonymous asked:
    hello! i was just wondering what you used to make the black part of the sky in 'late into the night'. is it just ink? because i am having trouble achieving its "solidity" if you get what i mean... thank you very much!

    Yup, it’s just black ink! Though I did adjust the levels and touched it up a bit in Photoshop afterwards to get it completely black.


  14. I have an Instagram now!

    I don’t lead a very interesting life, but I hope to show process work and things I usually wouldn’t post here on Tumblr :)


  15. During a mass cleaning/organization of my apartment, I found a pouch full of paper that I don’t remember cutting. It was probably left over from some project years and years ago.

    Maybe I’ll use it for something in the near future?